THE MENTALIST Looks Likely To Be Cancelled

For six seasons, THE MENTALIST has provided Australian actor Simon Baker an excellent platform to prove what a talented force he is, portraying mentalist, Patrick Jane, who seems uncanny at reading people’s mental clues and assisting the California Bureau of Investigation for five seasons, and now the FBI in it’s sixth season. But, with sagging ratings and slowing viewer interest the show attempted to shake the old formula up and have Patrick Jane assist the FBI this season as well as killing the murderer of his wife and child in a shocking episode where the series seemed to take a dramatic leap in an effort to rescue the series from slowing viewer interest, despite still being a very good show. Earlier in the season, two supporting actors from the cast announced their intentions to leave the series  after season six. But, now after shaking up the series so much in hopes of a ratings rescue, it appears more likely than not that this will be the last season of the series.

It’s a real shame, because this show still remains very watchable, and Simon Baker continues to be one of the most talented actors on TV. But, all good things seem to come to an end. And it appears that this series might have hit the end of it’s road at the end of this season. the mentalist

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