Wizbang Pop Funny Caption Contest Winners

Some readers decided to have a little fun and enter our first weekly funny caption contest here. Last week, our sister sponsoring Website, WIZBANG didn’t run their weekly contest because of Spring Break hiatus, so we filled up the void a little with our own version of the funny caption contest giving readers of WIZBANG POP a little reader submitted fun here.

Here’s the top winners in our view here:

1. I can tend the rabbits, George? I didn’t mean no harm, George – Rodney Dill – This was a brilliant take on the OF MICE AND MEN classic. Simply a brilliant bit of wit here Rodney, bravo!

2.Contrary to rumors, Paul Hooson does give good head. -Yetanotherjohn – Call me a sucker, oh crap that didn’t come out right. Well, at any rate, I love a good dirty joke, and this one was witty and clever!

3. These mom jeans are tighter than I expected! – Tanuki Man – A new jokester has emerged on the scene, and I got a laugh from his ball crushing bit of comedy here. Mom jeans jokes are funny!

4.”Hump?….what hump?” – Rodney Dill – Rodney returns with a second brilliant reference to YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN here, and certainly made me laugh. This was a great one!

5. Braaains. I need braaains. – Yetanotherjohn – Yetanotherjohn made a great funny reference to all of those wonderful classic George Romero zombie movies here, with his clever bit of ghoulish humor here.


Thank you so much for all of the entries in our first WIZBANG POP FUNNY CAPTION CONTEST. – There were a few more great entries as well in our first attempt to add a liitle more fun to this Website and make it more reader participation-oriented here. Look for a new contest this weekend.obama selfie

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  • yetanotherjohn

    Let’s face it he really does need some brains. It could help him with the presidency and avoiding compromising situations with Mr. Hooson.