CBS Has Weak Support For Craig Ferguson

craig ferguson2Scottish comic Craig Ferguson has done a wonderful job filling a spot on the schedule following David Letterman’s popular show and drawing respectable ratings with his goofy humor late night talk show. Yet, some damaging rumors the last couple of days, some coming CBS executives themselves have made it seem like Craig Ferguson’s place at CBS is not secure. First, he was passed over for taking over David Letterman’s show after Letterman retires in 2015. Then rumors that CBS was shopping to replace Ferguson in 2015 because one CBS executive claimed that his show was “too narrow’ in focus and was possibly shopping for Chelsea Handler was very hurtful. Chelsea Handler today claimed that she is not interested or being contacted by CBS at this point in time.

Other rumors are that CBS may not renew the contract of Craig Ferguson when it expires in 2015, despite his cult popularity with many fans of his goofy humor. This all has to be very disappointing news to Ferguson who has done such a wonderful job as host of this late night talk show.

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