Johnny Depp’s TRANSCENDENCE Will Be Available in 3D In China Only

transcedenceJohnny Depp’s new sci fi thriller TRANSCENDENCE will be available in 3D in China only, but not in the United States where the film will be shown only in 2D or IMAX formats. With many American movie theaters aging and needing upgrades, where even AMC theaters were purchased by a Chinese hotel chain in recent times, many theaters are not really prepared to show new blockbusters in 3D, where the more modern and technological Chinese theaters are now starting to get exclusive perks such as 3D films that American audiences are not getting. The Chinese hotel chain that owns AMC owns a total of 800 movie theaters between the U.S. and China, and plans to spend millions of dollars to upgrade American movie theaters for 3D and other technological upgrades.

Chinese audiences are big fans of 3D films, and one Chinese company, DVDFAB which had legal problems over copyright protections issues, even offers software where users can convert their own owned dvds or bluray discs into 3D format features.

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