18Eighteen.com Home Of The Hot College Girls!

Alyssa01Barbie02Kaytee05The SCORE GROUP from Miami, Florida has to be very proud ofJosieDeVille08themselves. They have a number of successful magazines and Websites they own, plus they don’t have to battle local laws in California requiring condoms for use in adult filmmaking. While SCORE continues to be a flagstaff of the SCORE GROUP, 18EIGHTEEN Magazine and it’s sister Website, 18Eighteen.com has a lot of interest appealing both to younger and older men who love beautiful college aged models. And 18Eighteen.com has a pretty attractive offer. Subscribers sign up with the Website and receive bonus Websites in coming months as a reward for customer loyalty.

Part of what makes the 18EIGHTEEN Magazine(formerly called BABYFACE MagazineZoeyFoxx07Alina02 a few years ago) and it’s sister Website so popular is that both are one part traditional men’s magazine, featuring beautiful legal aged models stripping and posing in various stages of undress with great photographic quality and also having the same model sometimes doing graphic sex videos or picture stills in the magazine or on the Website. It is this nice mix of traditional men’s magazine and adult videos along with the great photography that make 18EIGHTEEN Magazine and it’s Website so great of a quality product and entertainment value.

Of all the adult publishing and video companies around, SCORE produces some of the best quality products, often using top notch HD quality photos or video quality. And the models are always so pretty, and look like they really enjoy their work.

With everyone having a good time, 18EIGHTEEN Magazine and 18Eighteen.com not only give the 50 employees of the SCORE GROUP employment, as well giving a lot of young women college or living money, but give the readers and subscribers of the magazine and Website a fun entertainment experience that’s a good value for the money. It’s just harmless fun for everyone involved. If these beautiful young women don’t make you guys want to subscribe……Well, you must not have a heartbeat then!

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