#McConnelling: Mitch McConnell’s Gangsta Paradise

Jon Stewart recently created a goofy bandwagon trend of encouraging his show’s numerous viewers to add unlikely music to a political ad run by embattled U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. And the result has been a truckload of outrageous music videos with the veteran politician made the butt of the jokes. The viewer input based comedy has been such a huge hit that Stewart has now asked viewers to input themselves by way of Photoshop into a video with Senator McConnell now, taking an even more goofy and extreme turn.

Here’s what “Gangsta Paradise” from Coolio looks like with Mitch McConnell as the main star. Hey, you down with this Homie? Click here to view and be prepared to laughhttp://youtu.be/CNcoizN7pXk


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