CHERRY: America’s Favorite Dirty Comic Book

18 year old Cherry has become like THE ARCHIE comix for the 80’scherry9cherryCherryCollection3HCcherry-comic-number-15-cherry-biker2cherry8cherry4cherry2 generation that loves adult comic books. The young character is styled a little after Betty in THE ARCHIE series, except that she gets involved in so many sexual misadventures. It’s not only the pretty good storylines of the comic, but also a keen sense of satire and parody that keep this comic so fresh and edgy. Just when looked like the old underground comics genre was just about done for as an entity, CHERRY came along and helped to revive the genre and in the end became the biggest selling underground comix genre of all time.  Artist Larry Weitz received critical praise for his creation which seemed to lampoon the happy teenager genre of comics so well here, besides managing some pretty good laughs of his own. One of the best things that Weitz did is a parody ad where a nuclear sub, neutron bomb and other outrageous items were supposedly being sold by mail order. It was just like those 50’s and 60’s comics that we remember so well.

Last Gasp and Kitchen Sink Press, those two infamous comix brands had the foresight to distribute this great comix series which ran from 1982 until 2000, but still remains popular on Ebay and among collectors who seek all 22 issues of this outrageous send-up of the ARCHIE-styled genre with a cartoon style that even lampoons the art of old ARCHIE comix.

BTW, it was sadly revealed today that the ARCHIE comix will end production this July, where ARCHIE himself faces a tragic death. This is a sad way to end this series that has continued in production since 1941. These will be deeply missed. No ARCHIE would have meant no CHERRY comix either. It inspired so many others to lampoon or joke about the series over the years.

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  • Nicole Stanley

    People should know by now that Archie Comics is still going strong and that Archie’s ‘death’ was in a parallel universe version of Archie Comics.