Classic Wax: Gary Glitter “I Didn’t Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock And Roll)

With one of the longer titles in glam rock history, UK rocker Gary Glitter was a hot item on the British charts for a number of years, battling off against the likes of T.Rex, Slade, The Sweet. Mud, David Bowie, Alvin Stardust and others. As the UK gliiter and glam rock scene seemed to fade as the late 70’s was taken over by the punk scene, Gary Glitter faded as well and later fell into some horrible sex scandals that landed him in prison twice, once in the UK and later in Vietnam. But before his dream went bad, Gary Glitter had this awesome very electric hit which should send some electrical shocks up your spine with it’s cool guitar effects and other great hooks. It was a great single. In the U.S., American rocker Joan Jett often did cover versions of Gary Glitters’s music. “Rock And Roll pt2” was his biggest and only U.S. hit. The instrumental piece is still played at many sports games such as in the NBA at crunch time.

Here’s Gary Glitter at his best, before any scandal with “I Didn’t Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock And Roll”. Click here to listen

Gary Glitter’s music always seemed to have a primal- chest beating sound that seemed to be entirely testosterone fueled, so it seemed so bizarre that he was involved in such terrible sex scandals as he was, because his music seemed to be so masculine if not nearly prehistoric sounding.

Because of the ongoing scandals in his life, a mock documentary movie was made and aired on the BBC, entitled “THE EXECUTION OF GARY GLITTER” in 2009, because the British public had such a strong reaction against the performer. The movie explored the possibility of an execution for his crimes. gary glitter1gary glitter3gary-glitter-i-didnt-know-i-loved-you-till-i-saw-you-rock-and-roll-scoop



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