Say What? Romney May Run Again In 2016

romney brownfaceDespite saying no to another presidential run in recent weeks to a variety of news sources,  it looks likely that failed 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney could be preparing for another run for president again by organizing a reunion with some of his top campaign staffers and other clues. Despite election night complaint’s from some large donors to Romney that his campaign was managed like a college freshman class project with get out the vote software that didn’t work and other amateurish problems that shouldn’t have plagued a major presidential campaign, Romney may be pushing good sense behind once again and considering a second run. Disappointment with the Obama presidency briefly gave Romney some ray of hope that he might be able to win the 2012 election, but after an inept campaign with many missteps, Romney lost the election by nearly 5 million votes and a staggering 332 to 206 electoral vote loss, losing both of his home states of Michigan as well as Massachusetts. where he was governor. Further, Representative Paul Ryan was also unable to nail down his home state of Wisconsin, proving little statewide strength, only helping to cement Romney’s failure.  Further, Romney seemed to have weak support among many party conservatives, along with appearing as hypocritical by attempting to contradict previously held more centrist political views when campaigning for conservative votes.  And, in a laughable political moment, Romney appeared with an absurd looking off-color suntan on Univision while campaigning for Hispanic votes that offended many viewers by appearing to be pandering for votes in “brownface” according to many complaining viewers.

With Chris Christie or Jeb Bush not officially in the race for president yet, and only weaker Republican candidates that seem likely to run at this point, Romney may view himself as a gift to the Republican Party right now. But, Romney isn’t Ronald Reagan. Reagan ran for president before and fell short. But, Reagan had enough personal charm and magic charisma to eventually prevail and win. Romney likely burnt up his best chance last time, and many bigger donors or voters probably aren’t real willing to give Romney a second look. Other than being a very wealthy man who would like to be president, almost like it’s some lifetime achievement prize, Romney really failed last time to prove to many voters why he should have been elected president in the first place. And further, he has no real base of support among the public that feel that he represents their interests or ambitions.

Romney may be hedging his bet right now as a bigger name Republican. But, many would be hard pressed to state some overwhelming reason why Romney really needs to be president. Whether it was his clueless approach to foreign policy or his lack of constructing a reasonable economic vision, Romney proved little as a candidate last time around other than being a rich man who thought in his own mind that he should be elected president, and likely most of his votes last time around were not so much for Romney, but against Obama. That’s about an inch deep reason to be president. Generally, a candidate with a far stronger vision is the candidate elected president. And, so far, Romney hasn’t proven himself to be a man with an overwhelming vision, a groundswell of support, or the political skills to head a truly professional campaign for president. Organization and business skills were supposed to be Romney’s best attributes last time. But, he proved that he was an especially lightweight candidate, not able to delegate responsibility to the right people or even manage himself well enough to win. If you can’t even manage a campaign, then how can you manage a country?

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