Mickey Rooney Dead At 93

Mickey Rooney the child actor legend has died at the age of 93. The actor began acting way back in 1926 and became popular in the 30’s and 40’s in the ANDY HARDY films as a teenager.  It was an amazing career where the former child actor was often a guest actor in many film and TV appearances, always having an enduring popularity throughout his long life.  Mickey Rooney was teamed with Judy Garland in a series of films as both were talented singers and dancers in musical film moments.  In later years, Rooney won an Emmy Award for his outstanding role as a mentally challenged man in a made for TV film, BILL. It was an awesome performance in his late years that won him high praise. – He was such a recognizable fixture in entertainment that some like comic entertainer Dana Carvey had an ongoing impression act of the legendary Rooney that was very good.

Despite his reputation as a likable personality, Rooney had eight failed marriages, only finally finding happiness living with a son in his single life. Rooney had claimed to be a victim of elder abuse by a stepson at one point. The acting legend was reported to have peacefully died at his home in Hollywood. mickey rooney

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