David Letterman Retiring In 2015

Today David Letterman made it official. The 66 year old late night talk show host is quitting the longest gig ever as a late night host in 2015, which will complete a 33 year run. No other talk show host, Jack Paar, Steve Allen or Johnny Carson had as long as a run as David Letterman.

David Letterman started out at NBC with a morning comedy show that was a critical success, but a ratings failure that was cancelled in 1980. But, NBC decided to give the host a second chance so in April 1982, Letterman was given a new show, this time with his late night talk show that followed Johnny Carson’s TONIGHT SHOW. Johnny Carson loved David Letterman’s dry and sarcastic style if humor and wanted him to be given THE TONIGHT SHOW helm when he wanted to retire himself in 1992. Carson was disappointed that NBC had hand picked Jay Leno instead of Letterman. But, Carson would continue to send Letterman some jokes he had written up until only days before his 2005 death.

David Letterman survived a heart problem scare a few years ago, and was able to count on a number of good celebrity friends to fill in while he healed from surgery. But, now only days from his 67th birthday, David Letterman feels that he’s achieved about as much as he could in this lifetime, setting a record as a late night TV host. And something tells me that record won’t be broken for a long time.

Thank you, David Letterman. It’s been an amazing run so far!david letterman

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