The Banned GONG SHOW Act

Years before AMERICA’S GOT TALENT or AMERICAN IDOL there was THE GONG SHOW. It allowed a mix of mostly good and bad acts a stage to perform on, where bad acts often were given the gong by the judges. The show was a lot of fun with producer Chuck Barris having a great time on the set laughing and joking it all up. Some of the acts were so bad they were beyond belief. But, once in a while a really sexy or suggestive act would slip past the censors. Such was two young ladies known as “The Popsickle Twins”. Censors allowed this act on, but after their act was viewed on the East Coast, the show was pre-empted in the Mid-West and Western time zones because it was obviously some sort of simulated sexual display. The show had other outrageous moments as well when popular singer and judge Jaye P. Morgan attempted to strip on the show several times, once baring her breasts on camera, which led to her being banned from the show, which was unfortunate because she was so much fun.

THE GONG SHOW was a real classic. A great goofy bit of American TV.

Click this to view this banned clip twins4popsickle twins3popsickle twins1popsickle twins6jaye p. morgan2jaye p. morgan

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  • Commander_Chico

    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a good movie about Chuck Barris’s story he was a CIA hitman at the same time he was hosting the Gong Show.

    • Paul Hooson

      Wow! What a bizarre story. You’d think that Barris would laughing and joking around too much to pull anything like this off. Must be a joke by Barris?

      • Julie

        Yes, definitely a joke, he was absolutely not a hit man for anyone.

  • PabloDali