CBS Renews BIG BANG THEORY For Three Years

big bang sheldonAs no surprise to anyone, CBS struck a business deal renewing the #1 comedy on TV, THE BIG BANG THEORY for three more years, striking a deal with the producers of the hit comedy. The show averages just under 20 million viewers a week, making the show one of the biggest draws on the CBS network in addition to other huge hits, like dramas like NCIS.

CBS considers comedy an important part of their ratings success, and CBS has managed to pull away the coveted Thursday night ratings crown from NBC a few years ago, building up a huge Thursday night audience of viewers. In addition, CBS has even spun some ratings gold from Friday of all nights, where ratings tend to be weak.

It seems like CBS can do no wrong….Except, maybe for WE ARE MEN….

So expect to hear, “Penny, Penny, Penny”, for a few years more….



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