Regulo Junior Debuts Great Industrial Rock Album!

Portland, Oregon area industrial artist Regulo Junior has just debuted his first album, “Now I’ve Got You”.  And it’s one of the very best debut albums for any industrial music act ever! His sound is sometimes  compared to Skinny Puppy, NiN or others, but Regulo Junior is his own man, combining elements of theater and electronics into a an amazing onstage performance art presentation.

In everyday life, Regulo Guzman, Jr., seems like your average guy. But, onstage he transforms into one of the greatest performance artists that you’ve ever seen. In my view, his industrial music is even better than NiN. His compositions like “Year Of The Snake” are so listenable that it should be a top alternative rock charts hit! After you check out “Year Of The Snake” here you should head over to iTunes or Bandcamp and purchase his new album as a download. The musicianship and the compositions are excellent!

You need to catch Regulo Junior live sometime to catch his performance art and visual experience. This is an act that deserves the big time. I know good music when I see it. This is so impressive!regulo 4regulo 3regulo 5


Click this youTube link here to see this awesome music video by Regulo Junior

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