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Classic Wax: THE NERVOUS EATERS “Loretta”

The Nervous Eaters were a late 70’s Boston punk rock act that had a really great single  with a small 1976 release called “Loretta” on Rat Records. Strangely, while the band was so good playing clubs and doing independent releases that they managed to get signed with Elektra Records for a self-titled album by 1980, which absolutely bombed, […]

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The Banned GONG SHOW Act

Years before AMERICA’S GOT TALENT or AMERICAN IDOL there was THE GONG SHOW. It allowed a mix of mostly good and bad acts a stage to perform on, where bad acts often were given the gong by the judges. The show was a lot of fun with producer Chuck Barris having a great time on the set laughing […]


CBS Renews BIG BANG THEORY For Three Years

As no surprise to anyone, CBS struck a business deal renewing the #1 comedy on TV, THE BIG BANG THEORY for three more years, striking a deal with the producers of the hit comedy. The show averages just under 20 million viewers a week, making the show one of the biggest draws on the CBS […]

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Dominatrix Spanked For Fire Safety Violations

A UK dominatrix who operated a sex dungeon where cross dressing men would go for sexual humiliation sessions, was cited and fined a hefty 8000 British Pounds by a British court for operating an unsafe business that had a fire. Fire investigators found the business operator at fault for the fire safety violations that led to the fire.  […]

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Classic Wax Trax: Canned Heat: Refried Hockey Boogie

Click here to hear http://youtu.be/j7EPIYlyUIM Here’s an incredible blues rock boogie performance by the fantastic group, Canned Heat. Even blues legend John Lee Hooker was a true fan of these guys who were all true blues historians. Bob “The bear” Hite provides vocals with other legends like Alan Wilson and the crew searing through some incredible […]

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Court Order Against Chinese Software Site Raises Questions

After representatives of the Chinesce software company, DVDFab  failed to appear in court, a New York federal judge gave in to a lawsuit spearheaded by Warner Bros., Disney, Intel and Microsoft to seize several domain names, bank accounts, social media sites and prevent credit card payments to the software company. Some of the software developed […]

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New Law Allows Wealthy In Cuba To Buy Cars

In what was supposed to be some sort of an “economic reform” in Cuba, new cars are going back on sale in Cuba for the first time since the 1959 revolution. But, the government is fixing the prices at about 8 times what the same cars would sell for in the United States.  Under the […]

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Regulo Junior Debuts Great Industrial Rock Album!

Portland, Oregon area industrial artist Regulo Junior has just debuted his first album, “Now I’ve Got You”.  And it’s one of the very best debut albums for any industrial music act ever! His sound is sometimes  compared to Skinny Puppy, NiN or others, but Regulo Junior is his own man, combining elements of theater and electronics into […]

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