Shirley Temple Dies

shirley temple3shirley_temple-todayShirley-Temple-shirley-temple-542466_391_480How sad is this story! Shirley Temple the little girl who helped to cheer millions of Americans through the great depression has died. She was 85 years old.  Born Shirley Jane Temple in Santa Monica, California, the little girl when on to become the most popular child actress of all time spurring sales of millions of dolls in her likeness and a huge string of massively popular movies during the 1930’s. Starting with the 1932 film, WAR BABIES on until 1939, Shirley Temple movies were a great box office phenomenon. A child actor prodigy, Shirley Temple began acting at the age of just 3, and was a huge star by the age of 10 years of age.

In later years, Shirley Temple Black became an active Republican and was appointed to a series of ambassador posts starting with President Richard Nixon in 1992 and continuing until 1992, when Black decided to retire. It was amazing life for one of America’s most beloved stars, starting with acting and concluding with her role serving in government.shirley temple1

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