Biden Would Like Time To Drive His Corvette

In what might be a possible hint that Vice President Joe Biden may retire after his term in office is up, Biden joked with a UAW speaking event that he wants time to drive his Corvette. Biden was in lighthearted mood, noting that his own father was a car salesman. ā€œ3.4 seconds!ā€, Biden joked about the zero to sixty speed of his Corvette. The audience also joe bidenseemed to enjoy his comments as well as his stories about his working class background back in Scranton, PA.

Biden has so far matched up poorly in polls against potential challenger, Hillary Clinton. Further, the 71 year old Vice President would be our oldest president ever, as even Ronald Reagan was a little short of 70 years of age.

The union audience which was in Washington seemed to enjoy the lighthearted and warm comments of the Vice President.

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