robot vs. aztecIn 1958,  a Mexican production company brought out a classic bad horror and Sci Fi oriented film that was released through American International pictures with dubbed dialogue as THE ROBOT VS. AZTEC MUMMY. It was indeed a horrid little film, yet sort of enjoyable in it’s sort of way as a form of bad popcorn movie. While the film was remarkable for it’s sheer ignorance about the differences between aspects of Aztec and Inca cultures, few people will be watching this film as some sort of educational anthropology lesson. But, this bizarre, if not poorly told story is actually one of the more entertaining old 50’s horror movies from South of the border.

Thankfully, someone has uploaded here on YouTube. Enjoy this outrageous full length film here.

From the moment that the bad narration starts, you know that you’re going to be in trouble here….aztecmummyaztec-mummy-2robot vs. 2

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