Leave It To Bieber!

Justin Bieber is finding himself in an increasingly deep pile of problems of his own making, including two misdemeanor charges that could result in trials in both Canada as well as Miami. Today, a toxicology report proved that the 19 year old singer had both the prescription drug Xanax as well as marijuana in his system the night he was arrested for drag racing in Florida. Further, more than 100,000 person have signed a petition that the White House will have to address, supporting taking away the singer’s U.S. visa, and deporting him to Canada. Generally, if a foreign person accumulates too many problems they can be deported under some circumstances.

A former maid of Justin Bieber  believes that the young singer is out of control and headed for a tragic end soon much like Michael Jackson unless he pulls his life together soon.

Justin Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan claims that his client is “innocent”, despite a growing sea of problems for the singer. And the father of Justin Bieber has engaged in a little damage control as well, Tweeting a healthy photo of his two sons sleeping in bed.bieber tweet

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