Those Funny Photo Captions

mr. moonIt was all fun and games in Colorado with some pot smokers until they fell asleep and had nightmares!

krampus “I’m not so sure about all of these new changes in the church with this  new pope….”

shaq How to tell if your Super Bowl items are illegal unlicensed knock-offs? They have Shaq’s number on them….”


dog frisked by police “This neighborhood is getting mighty rough….Today they found a dog with a Milk Bone fashioned into a shiv….”

exam meeting2 “I’m a grade school principal…..I think I’ll do these adult movies….No chance anyone will ever recognize me there….”


wolfman I don’t know why those DUCK DYNASTY guys are so popular!


SHATNER GREMLIN “Hey, that’s my wife out there!…..Don’t let her in!”

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  • Vagabond661

    Did you caption those pictures? 🙂

    • Paul Hooson

      Yes, Vagabond. It’s going to be a new features around here sometimes. I’ll find a few photos and write a few funny captions to go with the photos. Most of the time I’ll try to find classic TV, movie or celebrity photos.