AMC’s Amazing 450hp 6Cylinder Pace Car!

amx customamx5423amx56amx 1981 350 hpamx67Back in 1981 AMC and PPG, the auto paint company, worked together to produce an incredible 450hp pace car for racing promotion purposes. All of the body steel was removed from a AMC Spirit model and new fiberglass was fitted to the frame to produce this one of a kind car that so far has only been driven just a little over 4,000 miles. This same ultra-rare AMC car was recently listed for sale on Ebay, but failed to sell when bids came up lower than $35,000, below the expected reserve price.  Indeed, there is some wealthy AMC collector who will want to add this ultra-fast and rare car to his collection.

It seems absolutely amazing that 450 horses could be pulled out of AMC’s sturdy 6cylinder engine. That’s a real achievement right there! But, somewhere out there someone must want to own a very fast car with very few miles on it.



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