DUCK DYNASTY Has Soft Return

Has DUCK DYNASTY finally jumped the shark? With negative publicity along with viewer fatigue, the hairy duck call boys made a less than stellar season debut return than a year ago when their ratings nearly hit the 12 million viewer mark. This season’s debut only posted on the order of  eight and a half million viewers, a real loss of nearly one third of the show’s audience. What happened? Too much controversy? Viewer fatigue? Maybe a combination of both. But, it appears that the same thing happened to THE OSBOURNES. They once were so hot, and then all of sudden it got old with the public and the magic quickly wore off.  Ratings started to fall, and it was all over. DUCK DYNASTY might be in the process of hitting those skids right now.

Maybe, with the controversy those beard boys are now just not as lovable to many persons right now, where the controversy allowed much of their charm to wear off. Some social conservatives rushed to praise and defend the show after the controversial comments by the elder member of DUCK. But, those that rallied to support the show were often not the core audience of the show. It is among the core audience where this show is beginning to hurt right now. No network likes to see a 1/3 audience loss. That’s of horrific proportions.  Probably ratings only get worse from this point on, and DUCK DYNASTY could even be gone after next year.

Another TV phenomenon may be reaching the end of the road. – Another sign of a DUCK slowdown? WalMart recently has been offering some DUCK t-shirts at reduced bargain prices. That only happens when you can’t sell enough of something and they become surplus items. A sure bad sign.

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  • Vagabond661

    I wouldn’t predict its demise anytime soon. While ratings are off they are still higher than any other cable show.

    What is interesting to me is how many times Duck Dynasty appears in the top 100 for Wednesday.And how many liberal shows do not.

    • Paul Hooson

      I think the show survives until the end of next year. That’s two seasons to get back on track. – The slide reminds me of the sudden slide for THE OSBOURNES at this point, as audiences tire of something, and seek something fresher. The show is still huge compared to anything on cable outside of THE WALKING DEAD. But, the trend of a slide is never good news for any show.