GOP Gun Raffle Misfires

Conservatives in control of  the Multnomah County Republican Party have many frustrations. In this overwhelmingly Democratic county in Portland, Oregon, they almost never are able to elect a single Republican candidate to office. Any office. The party also seldom attracts the best talent, at best fielding many token opposition candidates for offices, only to lose one landslide election after another in the county to any candidate who is a Democrat. Yet, despite a nearly 100% loss record in elections for the past 30 years, this local Republican Party organization still needs money to operate, hence some brilliant notion by some to have an assault weapon raffle for a AR-15. Given the liberal nature of the local community, this hasn’t set real well. But things only get worse from there.  Much worse.

A seemingly clueless statement on the Multnomah County Republicans Website claimed that the gun raffle was to celebrate two great “Republicans”, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln.  However, while he was still alive, Martin Luther King discounted that he or his father had ever voted Republican. King tended to be nonpartisan, seeking support from anyone interested in his civil rights campaign. Lincoln was a Republican, in fact, the first Republican candidate ever for president. However, both King and Lincoln were murdered with guns, so it isn’t clear why a gun is being raffled to “celebrate” these two murdered men.

But silly things don’t just stop there. In the gift section of the Multnomah County Republicans Website, a male model is seen modeling a women’s T-shirt, because there must be some lack of actual women around this Republican office to model women’s clothes for sale. The site has to count on transvestites if it wants to sell women’s clothes.

So there you have it, a good example of one political gang who can’t shoot straight without misfiring on all barrels. And these are the same people who want to be elected so they rule all over us, and tell us all how to live.  The Three Stooges couldn’t have done much better, creating such a clumsy public relations mess for themselves as all of this. You can’t make this stuff up!

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  • “people who want to be elected so they rule all over us, and tell us all how to live.”

    This, of course, is the problem with both parties.

    • Paul Hooson

      Absolutely. This example above couldn’t have been bungled much more worse. I’ve never seen as much negative PR ever amassed in a single day as all of this. Someone really dropped the ball. This is nothing like the old GOP organization in this county that once elected well respected statesmen like Wendall Wyatt or Mark Hatfield.