The Legendary VIEWPOINT CLUB Reopens

One of the oldest gentleman’s clubs in Portland, Oregon has re-opened. Built in 1953, the legendary nightclub was once the host to Country and Western acts such as Buck Owen and his Bakersfield sound as late as the 1960’s. But, the club eventually became one of the oldest gentleman’s clubs in Oregon, next to Mary’s Club, which featured both comedy along with strippers. For many years, Wally was a fixture at Mary’s Club. But, what The Viewpoint had going for it was sheer size. It was once the largest gentleman’s club in Oregon, maybe only recently dwarfed by only one or two clubs in the state.

What was so great about The Viewpoint was this history. It’s a real classic in terms of the gentleman’s club industry. It’s a little bit like the old men’s magazines of the late 50’s or 60’s for it’s style of entertainment which is much like some old fashioned live magazine centerfold of olden days past. In an era when so much of adult media has gone hardcore, it’s so great that a classic business celebrates the mostly lost art of the glamorous topless entertainers. This seems a more innocent form of adult entertainment in this era, and sort of sweet in some ways, more like what Las Vegas has to offer on big stages with showgirls rather than the more tawdry nature of much of adult entertainment these days. Suddenly, less is more, and the classic topless art of old days is cool once again.

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