Disturbing Ebay Seller Of The Day….

Just in time for Christmas delivery, a UK seller, Extreme By Design, is offering one of the most disturbing and high priced collections of kink toys for the wealthy. Ranging from spanking machines that cost as much as 2,000 British pounds, all the way to high end love dolls, to dog head shaped bondage masks, Extreme By Design knows how to build a business model based on the outrageous, bizarre and even high priced.

The high end spanking machines even offer interchangeable paddles, canes, etc. for that ultimate spanked by a machine experience! Just like that old Zager & Evans song, IN THE YEAR 2525, “Some machine’s doing that for you”.  All you need is that home large enough to devote one room to a giant machine used to spank you.  Just think, you work hard to get yourself a mansion just for your machine spanking room. That may seem like the long path to do something really weird, when the old fashioned concept was for two people have a little kinky fun with other. Somehow a machine really misses the point here.

And what those high end love dolls? Doesn’t that miss the point of a relationship with another person as well? Kinky or not, most things involving sex are just better with another person and not just investing in very expensive masturbation toys.

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