Gallup Finds Clergy Trust Slip

The Gallup organization has found that public’s high trust for clergy members has now slipped down to 47%, marking the first time in polling history that this traditionally well respected group has slipped below a 50% threshold level. Among the lowest rated trust occupations are lobbyists, 6% public trust, members of congress at 8% and car salespeople at just 9% trust approval. At 6% public approval trust for lobbyists, that figure has to be about even with the Devil himself in the lower depths of rotten ratings.

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  • Vagabond661

    Still higher than the President’s and Congress. so maybe the clergy should lead the country?

    • Paul Hooson

      The clergy leads Iran or the Taliban or in the case of the Catholic Church, some felt above being questioned, so were involved in abuse situations. Clergy members can prove themselves more dangerous than politicians if given too much power, they believe they are above being questioned. So unfortunately these persons have their weakness in that regard.

      • The fairies in what nation soever they converse have but one universal king, which some poets of ours call King Oberon; but the Scripture calls Beelzebub, prince of demons. The ecclesiastics likewise, in whose dominions soever they be found, acknowledge but one universal king, the Pope.

        – Thomas Hobbes. Leviathan, 1651