Religious Broadcast Legend Paul Crouch Dead At 79

Paul Crouch may have been a controversial prosperity gospel figure, but the fact is that he left behind the biggest religious broadcasting empire ever assembled in history, with more TV stations owned than CBS, FOX or NBC. It was an incredible achievement to offer mostly commercial free religious broadcasting 24 hours a day carried to most nations of the world, on several networks 365 days a year, and to put together a broadcast empire this powerful.

TBN hasn’t always had a stellar record among some religious critics, yet Paul Crouch deserves deep admiration for putting together such a powerful religious broadcasting empire that helps to provide religious services to many who cannot attend church services or who desire religious TV programming as a counter to secular media. And many of the presenters or programs present some of the most powerful and influential Christian speakers and a broad cross section of religious programs.

Paul Crouch does leave behind a powerful religious broadcasting empire that will survive the test of time and should stand for ages, which is much stronger than many of the individual programs which might be built on mere cult status for the presenters.

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