Women Burned As Witches In New Guinea

Religious superstition along with a 42 year old law in New Guinea has resulted in an uptick in young women being tortured by mobs and being burnt alive as witches in this nation. Yet, authorities along with mainstream religious leaders are at a loss to explain why this type of violence against women has seen a recent uptick during 2013. Some experts believe that poverty in the nation may actually being fueling this new wave of violence against women.

In one case, a 20 year old women was accused of somehow causing the death of a neighbor child through witchcraft by a mob, taken from her home, stripped of her clothing, burnt with hot metal rods for torture, then set on fire to die. In other cases, other acts of mob violence have resulted in the murders of young women this year in the country. To make matters worse, a 42 year old law on the books in New Guinea gives mobs a legal defense against this violence against women. Authorities seem to be powerless to put a stop to this new wave of violence against women until legislators in the nation change the law that allows this violence to go unpunished.

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  • ljcarolyne

    Let them know, we here in America have a few dozen witches in our Regime we can ship to New Guinea, if they run out.
    All kidding aside. This is devilish to the max, how horrible!!
    Unbelievable! Nothing new under the sun, remember Salem had it’s witches burned.