1969 280hp AMC Ambassador

American Motors, the fourth largest U.S. automaker was an underrated builder of more than a few powerful cars. One example is this 1969 AMC Ambassador that features the Typhon 343V8 with 4bbl., dual exhausts, 10.1 to 1 compression and 280hp! That’s more than enough to burn rubber and spin those tires in a power brake mode!

These AMC cars are an overlooked performer from the late 60’s, but can be had for less money than many other powerful cars of this era.

While new, these slow selling cars sold for the price of a full size Chevy or Ford, but had many of the same appointments of Cadillacs or Lincolns including standard V8, AT, PS, Air conditioning, etc. There are even a few limousine versions of these big and powerful cars out there. While new these were a bargain price full size car that offered excellent performance as well as luxury.

Full size AMC cars like this also had an advantage. While the smaller AMC cars were heavy for their size, the large AMC cars actually had a trim weight and therefore had great power to weight ratios. Most car companies had just the reverse, heavy big cars and light small cars than AMC.


So what do you do when you’re looking for a car that will burn rubber for a moderate price? Well, there’s some overlooked performers from the 1960’s like this AMC Ambassador. Moderate price, but far more than mere moderate horsepower under the hood!

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