New John’s Children Compilation Out Soon!

John’s Children were one of the most outrageous and controversial acts of the psychedelic era and in many ways were a form of protopunk act. The band managed to even upstage The Who with outrageousness on one tour, managing to get themselves fired.  In was in fact Pete Townshend himself that once was quoted as saying that John’s Children were “too loud and violent”, which is quite a quote based upon the history of Keith Moon’s hotel room destruction.

John’s Children were also one of the first band’s for future UK magastar Marc Bolan, who was later the leader of T.Rex, the huge glitter rock act of the 1970’s. John’s Children not only was a lightning rod for working problems with other bands of the era, but managed to prevent the release of their album, ORGASM in the U.S. because the conservative Daughters Of The American Revolution opposed the album’s release in the states.

Now comes this giant two cd box set that includes the entire output of John’s Children from 1966-70, including many extras and outtakes including alternate versions of songs sung by either Marc Bolan or bandleader, Andy Ellison. It’s quite a package for a psychedelic act that sometimes sounds a little like The Who, and at other times like some really early punk act. In recent years, Andy Ellison has begun to tour again and do the old band favorites along with new material.

The new cd package will set you back about $25 as an import item. But, this is a significant item to add to any well stocked cd library as a significant milestone in the UK punk rock movement.

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