Alex Reynolds: The Brainy Queen Of Fetish

26 year old graduate student Alex Reynolds is really quite amazing. The beautiful and brainy fetish film actress recently Emailed Wizbang Pop in response to a couple of stories we ran on her good friend Christie Cutie, who is another big rising star on the fetish scene. Alex has been featured in some recent film releases over at, the Colorado based company run by psychologist Michael Masterson, which is interesting, because so many well educated persons seem to be working in, or at least enjoying, the small, but very active market for fetish adult materials, it seems.

The New Jersey born beauty now calls Los Angeles her home, but her fast rising fetish career has taken her to tours of a few American cities for film shoots as well as to Holland and Europe for more. One of these film shooting gigs took Alex to England to meet her current boyfriend, Paul, who owns a popular UK based fetish site, which is a pretty popular international spanking fetish site.

Alex is quick to defend this fetish industry, which she enjoys working in these films of her own free will. Alex discovered her own love of spanking at the age of 18, as her own individual preference choice. She was actually a fan of some of these fetish film sites long before she became an actress, which apparently isn’t all that uncommon. There seems to be more than a few stories of female fans of these adult fetish sites who contact the content producers and inquire about doing some work as a part of their own fantasy life. And the pay scale isn’t too bad either it seems. Rumor exists that some of these sites pay a little better than the going pay scale from some popular girl-girl porn productions. Most of these fetish productions avoid sexual contact, instead creating a punishment fantasy where some actress is supposedly receiving punishment for some supposed wrong doing. Part of their acting is to act like they’re really suffering, although most actresses in this industry just love their work as long as they have a higher tolerance for a little pain that they actually find very pleasurable.

It might well be part of the success of the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY novel that some colleges have added some clubs devoted to kink. The fetish loving community may now feel more empowered and more open to enjoy their sexual preferences than ever. And Alex and other actors are a sure sign that some highly educated and well adjusted people love to practice a little bit of kink in their lives.

Alex is an amazing actress. Part of her appeal is that a brainy woman is actually having a great time on camera, loving to be punished a little bit for the camera to give her fans some sexual arousal fun as well. And, that’s a real turn-on to her fans, who love her performances and collect her works which she has done for 30 websites in just the past two years. That’s a prolific career to say the least.

And, Alex is a supernice person as well. She takes time out to write all of her fans and send out heart felt messages of thanks for their love of her films and works.  She runs a great blog for her fans at which is a real ball to read. -There seems to be some understanding among adult actresses and their fans. The actress acts out a fantasy, having a great time doing the script, and the fans receive a sexually arousing fantasy in return for that work. It’s a win-win situation where the sexual organs, including the brain, the largest sexual organ, get a little reward as well in this theater of the mind.


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