Miley Cyrus Offered $1 Million To Direct Adult Film

Miley Cyrus has been offered $1 million dollars to direct an adult film by Online retailer GameLink. Established in 1993, the company is a powerful and large adult retailer that views Cyrus as an “empowered woman” that they would love to have behind the camera to direct a film, although she has no filmmaking experience. Likely she turns the offer down. But, then again this Miley Cyrus that we’re talking about here, where you don’t know what to expect next.

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  • Maybe it’s just me, but hard as she’s trying I’m not feeling any sort of appeal.

    If anything, it’s more like revulsion. There’s no beauty, no mystery – it’s like looking at a $2 whore lifting up her skirt. If you’re dumb enough to go that route, you’re not going to want to stick around after you get your rocks off.

    Hollywood doesn’t do its young women any favors in the long run, I think.

  • Alex Live

    To me she looks like low life dike or dyke I don’t exactly.