Topless Shopping In NYC!

After a judge’s decision that NYC could discriminate between men and women who choose to go public without a shirt, a few women have appeared topless in some public areas in NYC. On private property and some areas, persons can still ban toplessness. But, a few women were recently spotted doing a little topless shopping in the city.  More and more many in the city just accept topless women as a matter of fact, and so far the little bit of nudity hasn’t resulted in any known problems or sexual assaults for the women. In many cities, persons have been arrested for public nudity, often on charges of disorderly conduct. However, NYC has proven that there is no increase of problems with some public nudity such as female toplessness.  Hey, anyone want a hug?

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  • jovan1984

    San Francisco and the South can learn a thing or two from New York City.