Alvin Lee’s Cause Of Death Revealed By Family

The family of British guitar legend Alvin Lee finally revealed his cause of death. The 68 year old guitar superman had been undergoing a normally routine surgical procedure to correct a atrial arrhythmia(normally an abnormal heartbeat pattern) and died March 6, 2013 in a Spanish hospital after “unforeseen complications” developed. Normally atrial arrhythmias can develop with aging or other conditions such as lifestyle. Besides diet, one factor that can contribute to this heart condition is smoking and Alvin Lee was often known to relax with a cigarette, sometimes while playing guitar onstage during a performance because it relaxed him. Normally this heart condition causes an increased heartbeat and medications or surgery can often improve this condition and lower an increased heart beat rate.  Normally, the surgical procedure that the musician underwent is very routine with a very high success rate. and it is very rare for some problem to develop that causes death as a result of the procedure.

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  • Mitch Peterson

    I love and miss ya Alvin


    • Mike Mollart

      One of the worlds best guitarists, l spent many happy hours, with the group, when they were called the Jaybirds, l went along with them to most of their shows,in the 1960s, in the Nottingham/derby areas,they were great times, but gone forever

      • Jeffrey Morgan

        Forever is never gone, best wishes. What a musical genius, an inspiration on many levels!

  • Mary Murgo

    I saw Alvin Lee and Ten Years After, in concert, in 1971, when I was in college……great showman.

    • Lee Pollacchi

      I saw them that year too. wondering if that was the show where Humble Pie opened and Cactus played second. Also remember a show at the old music Hall in Boston where a band named Ramatam opened that had a lead guitarist that was a chick named April. She was absolutely amazing and then Alvin came out and made her look like a baby.

      • Mary Murgo

        Lee, it may have been the same concert. I think I remember Humble Pie was the opening act for 10 Years After. I do not remember Cactus, but I was so stoned at that show!

  • november05

    You are missed, thanks for the music. RIP

  • rogerrramjet

    Wherever you are Alvin KEEP ON ROCKIN’.
    You are missed more than you can imagine.

  • robert

    Saw Ten Years After at the old Toledo Sports Arena in ’75 or so. Partied hardy in the parking lot all afternoon, and then enjoyed the show. R.I.P., Alvin.

  • Michael Tiffany

    I must of missed this one until now, but I am sorry to here of his death, and as a guitar player too he was a true inspirtion.

  • Artisticfame

    It may have been though rare his heart was to weak to stand the induced electric shock usually done under anesthesia.

  • Lee Pollacchi

    How could someone who is undoubtably one of the all-time greatest guitarists ever not even make the Rolling stone magazine top 100 greatest guitarist. Rolling Stone magazine, that was a mortal sin.

  • rogerrramjet

    However they still did NOT tell us what those complications were. I saw TYA play a half a dozen times and Alvin and Co always brought the house down.

  • Peter Page

    In 1970/72 I was at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate and Ten Years After was considered one of the best bands. Many of the students has outgrown the pop pulp and flakey psychedelia of the mid sixties and bands like Ten Years After, Hendrix, Cream and Led Zeppelin got us to discover Blues. The vacuous idealism of pop had lost its appeal and few students at WLM still listened to the Beatles. From Blues Rock many of us moved on to B.B., Albert and Freddie King and Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. It took some English lads tired of pop to reintroduce Canadians to North American Blues. Thank you Alvin, Eric, Jimi and Jimmy. Ideals like everlasting love where two become one sounded increasingly lame as we learned even when we find someone we can have a lasting relationship with we still remain two individuals and how we feel about people will change. I appreciate truth. The Thrill Is Gone and what I need I can’t get on no telephone. I don’t want, or need enlightenment from Mahavishnu Salami Baloney. Thanks all the same George and Paul. I’d rather have the Blues.

  • Greg Solomon

    In my opinion, Alvin’s performance with Ten Years After of “I’m Going Home” was the best performance of the entire Woodstock event.