Unpaid Capitol Security Protect Lawmakers From Tense Incident

While Capitol  Hill politicians play political games on the hill, unpaid federal security and police protected these very same lawmakers from a tense incident when a mentally unstable woman was involved in a series of security and public safety incidents including an attempt to crash into a White House safety barricade, which caused injury to at least one policeman and finally resulted in the death of the woman. Lawmakers gave capitol security a bipartisan round of applause after the lockdown incident was over, and then went back to the business of obstructing paychecks for the very same capitol security who just protected both lawmakers and the public from this tense incident.

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  • cirby

    ….except that “unpaid” isn’t really accurate. The Capitol Police officers are exempt from the shutdown. Their checks are delayed, but they will be paid for their work.

  • Paul Hooson

    True. I write things mostly at a humor slant here, and “unpaid” isn’t exactly accurate. Good call, Cirby. Delayed but not unpaid is indeed correct.