DADS and THE MINDY PROJECT Face Likely Cancellation

The buzz is that two FOX comedy shows may not survive the entire season. Although the Martin Mull comedy, DADS is very funny, it seems to stumbling in the ratings as is THE MINDY PROJECT, where neither show is likely to survive until May without a more than likely cancellation. Other new FOX shows such as SLEEPY HOLLOW and BROOKLYN 99 seem to have a better audience response so far.

Over at CBS, WE ARE MEN appears to be most troubled, and rumor is that MIKE & MOLLY may return soon to replace it. CBS has eight comedy slots, but nine shows, waiting for one to stumble to bring back MIKE & MOLLY, one of their best shows. MOM seems like a perfectly good comedy, however it posted low ratings so far, also making it highly likely to cancelled at some early point. French Stewart seems underused in this comedy, which isn’t that bad. Set French Stewart free and let him act crazy. It can’t hurt but help at this point when a show is on life support.

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