Michael J. Fox & Robin Williams Make Lame TV Returns

Thursday night TV became a vast wasteland for a time when two famous stars made far less than stellar returns to the small screen. Michael J. Fox’s show was a nearly incomprehensible sympathy attempt somehow marketed as a comedy, although there was little funny about the story of a news reporter disabled with Parkinson’s Disease attempting a return back to work. Maybe you want to watch this once, but after that, wild horses couldn’t bring you back for week two. This isn’t my idea as entertainment. – But, even worse, and far worse, was Robin Williams bad David E. Kelley production of THE CRAZY ONES, a blatantly bad second rate ripoff of MAD MEN meets THE OFFICE. And this lame show stood out like a sore thumb from the otherwise excellent CBS Thursday night schedule of excellent and proven true comedy gems like THE BIG BANG THEORY and TWO AND A HALF MEN. THE CRAZY ONES makes you want to turn off your television or even look for an infomercial or something. It’s just that bad.  Type 2 Diabetes is more fun than either of these two shows.

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  • Figures. Anything worthwhile isn’t on TV much anymore. Hollywood is so ‘left’ now it all a POS, no talent ‘left.’

    • Paul Hooson

      These are two bad TV shows with good stars wasted on them. Both stars deserve better scripts than these.