It Fell Off A Truck….Nuclear Waste

Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reactor was once a lightning rod for controversy. But, other companies in the nearby area also use radioactive materials, and yesterday one of these companies had a little accident when five drums of low level radioactive waste fell off a truck, bounced around on the roadside, but none broke open. No radioactive waste was released into the environment.

Back in the late 50’s Ford built a model of a nuclear powered car, the Ford Nucleon. – Gee, why didn’t they built that one? One little accident, and you can’t use a street for the 50 year halflife I guess…

BTW. In 2012, some roadworkers in Australia fell ill after discovering a nuclear waste drum that fell off a truck….

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  • Bit lacking in detail there. What was in the drum in Australia, how radioactive was it, what sort of dose did they get? (Got a link?)

    And I hate to say it, but ‘low level’ waste can be pretty much anything that was used in a nuke plant that was designed to be discarded – like Tyvek overalls and shoe covers, plastic sampling bottles and the like. Not necessarily stuff that’s OMG radioactive, but stuff that was mandated to be treated as low-level waste to be on the safe side.