House Votes to Cut Food Stamp Program

Poor people don’t have lobby efforts back in Washington, and their lack of political clout led to cuts voted to the SNAP(Food Stamp) program by a Congress looking to cut spending. However, the Food Stamp program remains popular among grocery retailers which helps to spur sales among grocery stores that struggle in poor areas, acting like an economic stimulus program for many grocery stores which might go out of business if not for the economic boost provided by this program which gets the poor food and retailers financial aid.

Republican leaders in the house didn’t hold a single hearing on the proposed $40 billion in Food Stamp cuts by 2014, but narrowly passed the legislation by a 217-210 vote, putting these legislators at odds with many poor persons as well as persons in business.

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  • Vagabond661

    40 billion over 10 years. it closes loopholes and tightens eligibility requirements (fraud). It doesn’t hurt the ones who really need it.

  • Michael Lang

    They can buy less beer and Twinkies.