Kim Jong Un’s Ex-Girlfriend Executed By Firing Squad

If there’s any doubt in the world that North Korea is one of the most brutal police states in the entire world, then this shocking story should chill you to the bone. According to a news report out of South Korea and also THE VOICE OF  RUSSIA, Hyon Song-wol, a member of  Unhasu Orchestra and some other associates were executed by firing squad with machine guns for her being filmed in a sex video that was later sold as a underground pornography item in North Korea. It was also claimed that some of the people also involved in the making and distribution of this sex tape with this former girlfriend of North Korea’s brutal dictator were also in possession  of  some Bibles, also a banned item in this Stalinist state.  But, it’s not clear what sex tapes and Bibles have in common with each other.

While members of her orchestra and other musical groups and family members looked on, the former girlfriend was brutally gunned down by machine gun fire, and some of her family members were then taken into custody to serve prison terms in work camps because of “guilt by association” claims by the North Korean government.

No one can accuse this government of being run by liberals I guess….

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