Toyota Aims For 55mpg For 2015 Prius Line

Toyota continues to up the ante with improvements to their hybrid Prius line of automobiles, now aiming for a claimed goal of 55mpg fuel economy in the fourth platform of the hybrid automobiles. The first generation of the hybrid automobile line managed 41mpg, then the second generation managed 46mpg, then the third generation of the cars managed 50mpg. Now, using new technology, Toyota hopes to improve this 55mpg as the company hopes to continue to be the fuel economy leader among all carmakers using the latest advances in technology that wring out every last drop out of a gallon of gasoline.

Toyota hopes to have the next generation of the Prius automobiles ready by 2015. Besides the improvement in fuel economy, the new cars will feature better handling with a lower center of gravity as well. And you can expect more  modern styling as well, as Toyota hopes to retain it’s leadership role in the auto business.

On possible concept proposal for the next generation 2015 Prius is featured here. 

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