About That Silly Miley Cyrus Performance

Country bumpkin Miley Cyrus, who is far better suited to be doing songs about cow pastures or cow dung, has apparently made some waves with some people who are even less urban and less culturally advanced than her.  The Parent’s Television Council, those culturally clueless champions of protecting everything naive and Disneylandish in the world, were outraged at her silly attempt to suddenly become the next Madonna, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga with her clueless attempt to mix sports mascots and sporting event giveaway rubber fingers with yet another absurd White attempt to do hip hop music. Miley Cyrus was the featured performer in a medley of songs that had a silly opening with some giant prop that looked like a juvenile version of the props from the 1951 Sci Fi classic film, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, with a Gort the robot-like visor with traveling lights and a ramp door that looked like another prop from this great film. But, instead of an eerie robot or spaceman emerging, it was only former kid’s music, former Disney star, 5th rate country music star, Miley Cryus sticking her tongue out and trying to look punkish in her way too short haircut. And although she patheticly tried in vain to be sexy, if not badly stereotypically stripper-like, in her own cartoonish way as some sort of image changer, it still laughably looked like some clueless country bumpkin trying her darn best to look worldly, but the result was simply laughable. Then to make things worst, Robin Thicke comes out, and looks way too much like his dad for his good, and Cyrus does absurd sexually suggestive dancing using the silly foam rubber sports finger as a prop, with more laughable results.

The entire performance left more serious musicians in the audience sitting there with their mouths wide open in shock and disbelief, looking not the least bit amused, although what they were witnessing only looked much like some Mel Brooks parody of a Britney Spears, Madonna or Lady Gaga show, where the choreographed images at least would make a little more sense than this mess of oversized sports mascots and rubber sports fingers. Yet, as silly as all of this was, the Parent’s Television Council has their dander up, and is all up in arms today, once again proving that they shouldn’t be watching anything outside of Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS if they’re short on their heart medicine pills.

The MTV performance by Cyrus wasn’t obscene or overly sexual as much as was just plain silly. Miley Cyrus was trying to be someone she isn’t, and the results were just plain absurd. Miley Cyrus hopes to have moved her career an inch ahead by becoming the next Madonna, cum Britney Spears, cum Lady Gaga, ripoff here. And maybe it worked on that level for some very young music buyers who don’t have discriminating tastes and are willing to spend their allowance or baby sitting money on the latest pop dreck that later gets thrown out with the old fish wrappings in the trash because it’s not very good music to begin with. But, those who like serious musicianship couldn’t help but be absolutely unimpressed with all of this, feeling no threat at all to them from someone who’s not very much of a musical talent at all. 

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