Linda Ronstadt Has Parkinson’s Disease

67 year old award winning singer Linda Ronstadt’s voice has been silenced because of Parkinson’s Disease. The singer has had problems such as trembling hands for a few years now, but was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 8 months ago. At one time, she was the most successful woman in rock music with sales of records in the millions. But, now the advancing disease has silenced that lovely voice as she no longer has the muscle control and muscle strength to be able to sing. The singer often must use a wheelchair or crutches to be able to get around because her leg strength is also gone as a result of the ravages of the progressing disease.

The singer was once the lead singer of The Stone Poneys from 1965-68, but then quickly developed her own huge solo career based off her awesome talent as a singer, winning 11 Grammy Awards for herself. Her musical influences ran the gambit from country, Latin, Folk, Rock and other genres, making her a versatile act with many albums and songs with many flavors, sometimes surprising or shocking fans of her rock genre albums when she issued a easy listening of Latin flavored album. It was this changing styles that sometimes upset her sales patterns as a performer where her unpredictable nature sometimes wasn’t always real commercial and didn’t always sell as well as her mainstream rock albums where she made the most money and had the most success.

During the 1970’s she managed several #1 albums and a number of top 10 singles, with less success in the  1980’s for the most part. Her last new album was in 2004, where her solo career albums and singles spanned from 1969 to 2004, with compilations and other special projects still being released thereafter. She was the highest paid female rock performer on record.

Her many fans wish her as much good health and success with her health as possible right now and find this news just terrible.

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  • Man, I hate to see stuff like this. Hardly a room in the dorm didn’t have a poster of her up on the walls… back in the ’70s.

    Sure doesn’t seem like nearly 40 years…

    What’s the saying? Too soon we grow old, too late we grow smart…

    • Paul Hooson

      It’s deeply sad. She was a major league babe in addition to being a great singer. One of the great celebrities of our lifetimes, JL!