1954 Packard Panther Concept Car

Dick Teague who later became the head designer for American Motors Corporation automobiles is responsible for one of the great Packard concept cars of the 1950’s. The 1954 Packard Panther today is a prize winning showcar that worth at least $360,000.  Four of the Packard Panther automobiles were produced, one with a removable hardtop, and all featuring the 327 Packard V8 that produced 275 horsepower. Unfortunately, only two of these original concept automobiles exist, but this beauty here is a real treasure.

When Packard and Studebaker failed at their bid to become part of American Motors in 1954, which became the largest corporate merger in the world at the time, Packard made a bid to buy out Studebaker which had been in business since 1852, starting out as a blacksmith shop that later built covered wagons and later automobiles.

Packard had hoped that the Panther could become their own personal luxury car to compete with the upcoming Ford Thunderbird model from Ford.

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