New Alvin Lee Album Out Sep 17

The family of the late Alvin Lee have helped to get his last live performance out quickly to satisfy his fans. Alvin’s last performance was on May 28, 2012, and a new Cd on Rainman Records will be released on September 17  to celebrate this great last show by this legendary guitarist who died suddenly of complications of what should have been a routine surgical procedure. Alvin was playing a blues and ribs festival that included many great blues performances, and Alvin Lee was long known as one of the great blues musicians of the rock era.

CLICK HERE TO SAMPLE THIS!  On March  in Raalte, Holland, Alvin Lee was on fire with an excellent live set. He was personally so proud of this show that he requested the company that owns his copyrights for his songs not to remove this YouTube video so his fans could get a taste of the excitement of this show. Here he rip roars through a great version of his classic, “I”m Going Home”, the song that helped Ten Years After become a legend at Woodstock.

This is a great Cd to rush out and buy when it’s out. You can also preorder this new Cd on Amazon right now for a mere $12.99! 

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