Author Writes Book On Panhandling

Portland author David Spears has authored a book for sale on Amazon entitled, “EXIT RAMP: A CASE STUDY ON THE PROFITABILITY OF PANHANDLING” in which he found out that a panhandler could gross about $11.10 an hour average, tax free, as well as get food offers or free food worth an estimated $80 a day value, both of which rank as wages substantially above the levels of minimum wage workers, especially those with only part time minimum wage jobs. – But, there’s a few catches here. David Spears was an Army vet, so he got lots of sympathy with his signs that proclaimed himself to be an Iraq vet, where many job offers or even $20 gifts would come his way or offers to drive him to the VA hospital.

David Spears book was based of a study he did on panhandling, where he grew out his beard, put on shabby clothes, and experimented with efforts to see what pretending to a homeless vet would do for him. And his experiences are documented in this book.

The author also has a page on kickstarter where he successfully raised $5,000 to fund the project to get his book published. 

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