The SCARY MOVIE franchise really really ran out of steam with the 5th outing here. It took a full 15 minutes before I finally found one single sight gag that made me laugh out loud after an endless series of sight gags that just didn’t work for me. As much as I loved the first few films in this series, there’s little in this latest outing that matches the sheer audacity and laughs of other much better films such AIRPLANE or THE NAKED GUN. Charley Sheen and Lindsay Lohan gave things the old college try with an attempted funny bed scene, but after that relative highlight, it was pretty much all downhill from there with this movie.

SCARY MOVIE films attempt to parody moments of other films. But, despite attempts to parody bits and pieces from movies such as THE EVIL DEAD, INCEPTION, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY or other popular horror films, these parody moments seemed to evoke little laughter from me. – I love parody and satire, but this film just wasn’t firing on all cylinders. MAD Magazine, SNL and others just know parody better than this film’s production crew and writers seemed to know here. – This film really needed some real comedy writers.

David Zucker, what wrong with you? This movie is just plain terrible here…..you’ve done so much better before! This might just be the worst film that you’ve ever made….bar none!

Incredibly, this picture cost $20 to make, but returned over $77 million at this point. – Stop rewarding failure, folks!  Far better movies than this have only struggled to make ends meet. There’s no justice in life, I tell you….

The Bottom Line: A very disappointing addition to the SCARY MOVIE franchise. There’s certainly a place for movies like this…..but only if they’re funny! (*-One Star, Poor. Not a good film by any standard of measurement whatsoever. A total waste of some perfectly good film that could have been  put to much better use).

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