Of all things, TRADER JOE’s wants to get rid of their best customer, a Vancouver, B.C. resident who buys about $22,000 a month in TRADER JOE’S products and then resells these at marked up prices in his Vancouver area PIRATE JOE’S store. Sound crazy? It sure is. TRADER JOE’S has built up a loyal following as a discounter store for people looking for cheaper grade organic and other healthy foods. In some cases, TRADER JOE’S products are quality national brands such as Amy’s Kitchen repackaged under the TRADER JOE’S name, but in other cases many of the TRADER JOE’S products appear to be cheaper cost and tasting versions of soups or other products, meant to give TRADER JOE’s strength in the organic and healthy foods market. But, some food critics have mixed feelings on TRADER JOE’S products, which can range from the tasty to the not so good tasting. In Vancouver, Canada, where bad food is plentiful and easy to find, PIRATE JOE’S appears to offer good food compared to some of the local food which is often overpriced and sometimes not very good at all. Yet, TRADER JOE’S isn’t interested in expanding into Canada and whats to sue PIRATE JOE’S out of business for claimed trademark infringement.

So there you have it. TRADER JOE’S isn’t amused at their best Canadian customer, and wants them out of business, yet they seem hard pressed to prove any harm. Since the lawsuit by TRADER JOE’S, the little store in Vancouver has taken to naming itself, IRATE  JOE’S of all things.  PIRATE JOE’S has proven that a market exists up in Canada for their products. Now, the company needs to get onboard and figure some way to get into that market even if PIRATE JOE’S is a place to start.  Domestic content laws in Canada are an obstacle, but if the store operates as an import business, then perhaps this will solve that problem. 

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