Muslims Hold AntiTerrorism Peace Rally

A group of Muslims gathered together the required $350 for a permit to hold a political rally in Boston Common to display their love for America and their opposition to both terrorism as well the negative stereotypes that these radicals produce for the bulk of Muslims who are peaceful people. The organizers of the Boston event were hoping to help combat the negative publicity generated by the Boston Marathon bombers who they felt gave Islam a bad name and the reaction on part of the public in Boston who don’t realize that many of the teachings of the Muslim faith promote peace and goodwill.

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  • LiberalNightmare

    Its almost enough to change my opinion.

    Of course, it would be wrong for me to judge all muslims by the actions of so few.

    • Paul Hooson

      On one of those TV court shows, Judge Mills Lane once sentenced a man involved in an unsensitive act against a Muslim to community service. And this man left deeply impressed with the social services that this Mosque provided as well as the loving message of peace this Mosque promoted. He didn’t realize that many of Mosques have such nice people who attend and who are good loyal Americans who believe in peace, goodwill and tolerance toward all persons.

  • Commander_Chico

    Outrageous they have to pay $350 for a permit on Boston Common. Freedom to assemble should be free.

    The Brits never thought of charging Sam Adams 10 pounds for a permit.

    • Paul Hooson

      $350 was indeed a high price for a peaceful group with no concerns of violence or vandalism. I think cities should offer all groups a free first time permit, but only require bonds or insurance in the event of prior problems. Requiring a high permit fee or any fee for that matter beyond reasonable rent of a public square for peaceful groups to assemble might just be an unconstitutional roadblock to free expression.

    • Excuse me, that isn’t enough IMO!

  • Oh brother! Anything to get attention so ‘tolerance’ can raise it’s ugly head. Give me a break.