New Michael J. Fox Comedy Has A Big Problem – No Laughter

NBC has high hopes for the new claimed “comedy” starring legendary actor Michael J. Fox, and has assembled a excellent looking vehicle to host the comeback of this actor who is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. But, early reviews of the pilot seem to point to a serious problem for this new claimed “comedy”. There is no laughter. The show seems completely unfunny, and is merely sad for the most part as you feel sympathy for Michael J. Fox’s character when you instead really wished to see him healthy and in some sort of comedy. So what is NBC thinking here? Will audiences watch this show once out of curiosity, then turn away from this show in droves in horror as they find it difficult to watch the second time. NBC hopes to make 200 episodes of this show. But, they seem to have little in the way of plans to get this show into a second episode. – NBC needs to have some plans for episode two of this show, otherwise this show has all of the problems here that could make it a quick failure.

And sadly, because of the symptoms of his disease, it’s as if Michael J. Fox is often operating in slow motion, while everyone around him, including the audience are in normal time. This only leaves the viewing audience feeling frustrated. People might love Michael J. Fox, but this might be more of him than they really care to see at this point. Some of the claimed humor of his difficulty at performing simple tasks is just frustrating to watch. At some point the audience will feel that they’re continued viewership is merely an act of charity here. And that’s not a good a good thing.  For four years, ABC TV featured LIFE GOES ON with actor Chris Burke who has Down’s Syndrome. It was a very good show, but only scored in the low 60’s among all shows for it’s four year run before being cancelled.  For Sunday night ratings, these were awful numbers. NBC’s ratings are awful, so maybe NBC only has modest hopes that this new Michael J. Fox show attracts at least some viewers here, and will no doubt try very hard to avoid cancellation if the numbers come back terrible here. But, it looks like a big gamble to me. – Is Michael J. Fox really well enough to work a full schedule like this if this show actually becomes a hit.

Everyone wants Michael J. Fox to succeed here. Failure would be so embarrassing. But, NBC needs some episode two plans to take this show somewhere to keep the audience watching, and judging from this pilot, that’s a daunting task.

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